Silvie is a Typescript based Node.js framework. It is made with love to make take the best Typescript offers into the powerful Node.js platform, and create a comfortable project structure for you to organize your work, leaving the logical parts of coding for you.



Javascript is one of the most used languages in the world. It was first made by Brendan Eich at 1995, and it is one of the core technologies that is being used to create webpages, making intractable pages, animate things, validate forms, etc. Javascript was getting bigger and more powerful during these years. The latest version ES2020 was released at June 2020. The community is working so hard to make the coding world more beautiful with javascript.


We love Javascript, and use it in almost every application we develop. In 2009, Ryan Dahl has introduced Node.js to the world, and a lot of back-end developers are using it all over the world since then. It was powered by Google V8 Engine and was built for javascript developers to run their scripts out of a browser context.


Typescript has been made by Microsoft in 2012. It was meant to be a better javascript. As you may already know, javascript is a dynamically typed language. It is okay for a small scripting project, but when it comes to large scale projects, you feel the lack of a powerful type system and OOP concepts which is missing in javascript. So typescript addresses this issue and provides some high quality coding standards along with the javascript itself.


As you've read before, Silvie is a Node.js framework, and is meant to let you develop your back-end applications without getting your hands dirty to configure a lot of things just to get to the 0 point. Silvie handles those parts for you.

Silvie has a clean directory structure which organizes your project files to have everything in its own place. Most of the files in those directories will be automatically loaded at runtime. So you don't need to create exporting index files in your directories.

It uses Webpack and Babel to convert your codes into a node compatible version so Node.js will be able to run them without the need of providing any extra flags. This gives us the opportunity to use latest javascript features, along with the powerful type system of typescript. It also has some features to execute on the fly, transpile and build a node compatible version or bundle the whole project into a single file.

I have to mention that it is still at development phase, I am working to make it stable as soon as possible. Don't forget to check for the latest version. 1.0.0 will be there soon.

Here you can see some of Silvie's key features:

  • ES6+ Support
  • Typescript Support
  • GraphQL Support
  • Database Helpers
  • Storage Helpers
  • MVC Structure